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External Qi Purchase Discount Policy

UltraLux Health’s External Qi Purchase Discount Policy

This policy allows someone who has purchased any of Waveguard’s Qi-EMF Protection Devices from another distributor prior to the start of the year 2024 to get a one-time use, 30% off retail coupon to use towards any EMF Protection Device sold on www.ultraluxhealth.com.

Here’s how it works:

  • 1. Create an account on a href=”https://ultraluxhealth.com/my-account/”>UltraLuxHealth.com)

  • 2. Provide proof of purchase by emailing [email protected].

    Either forward an email receipt or screenshot of the charge on your card.
    Note- Because this would not have been purchased through us, we have no record of any payments you would have made towards these Qi-Devices through another distributor. If you are a customer who bought your device through us at UltraLux Health, please refer to our Continuous Protection Policy.

  • 3. Receive a coupon code via email.
    Your coupon code must be used within 90 days and cannot be shared. It may only be used 1 time for 1 order.

  • 4. Buy your new Qi-EMF Protection Device!
  • a. Go here Continuous Protection Policy. to find our full selection of Qi-EMF Protection Devices.
  • b. Put your coupon code in the cart.
  • c. Buy!
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