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UltraLux General Warranty Terms

All NEW UltraLux Health products come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Device-specific extensions or exceptions are outlined below after the general warranty terms.

In order for the warranty to apply, the item must be in like new condition, excluding the defect. Contact [email protected] with photo or video evidence of the defective item. Whether or not the item is covered under warranty is under full discretion of UltraLux Health. If the item is covered, a replacement item will be shipped to the customer at no cost to the customer.

If the defective item is not returned in like new condition (excluding the defect), UltraLux Health is still more than happy to replace or repair the item at a negotiated cost to the customer that is dependent on the damages.

Warranties are only valid for the original buyer. Our warranties cover labor, defective parts, and the return shipping of the new/repaired product to the customer. The cost of shipping the item to UltraLux Health is either A) Paid for by the customer B) Reiumbursed if the a valid warranty defect is found or C) Paid for by UltraLux in advance with a label if through pictures/video, a warranty defect can be proven before shipping.

In the case of defects, we shall fulfill all warranty obligations. Depending on the means available to us and your preferences, we will do one of the following:

  1. Provide a subsequent improvement (removal of the defect)
  2. Deliver a new replacement at no cost


If the replacement or repaired unit still has a valid warranty issue or defect after 1 of the above have occured, UltraLux Health can offer further resolutions:

  1. A full refund of the remaining product cost (minus any international fees paid if applicable).
  2. Refund a portion of the order if the product still works for its main purposes and the customer wants to keep it.


Warranties do not cover:

  • Improper use of the product
  • Issues caused by a lack of basic maintenance
  • Improper installation
  • Any damage from abuse or misuse
  • Acts of God (including storms, flooding, fire, lightning, etc.)


Device-Specific Warranty Terms


UltraLux Water Machine 3-Year Limited Warranty

All New (including New, Visual-Defect) UltraLux Water Machines come with a 3-Year Limited Warranty on major parts/components. This includes the repair of the unit, but not the shipping to and from or full replacements. The warranty does not cover anything beyond what was sold and sent by UltraLux Health with the machine.

Do not attempt to open the machine beyond changing the filters. Doing so will void your warranty.


Red Light Therapy Panels

All Red Light Panels (Max, Mini, and Pro) have an addtional 1-year manfacturer defect warranty for a total of 2 years of coverage.

Qi/Waveguard Devices

All new Qi Devices purchased from UltraLux Health come with a 1-Year Manufacturer Defects Warranty as described in the General Warranty terms.

The types of defects that would apply to the warranty are:

  • Cracked wood
  • Discolored copper (chemically changing)
  • The seals of the wood and copper breaking or coming undone
  • Scratches under the finish of the wood
  • The internal components inside the device come loose with no sign of exterior damage from dropping, hitting, or internal damage from being left in extreme weather conditions.

If you are out of the warranty period but think something might be wrong, consider trading in your old device through our Continuous Protection Policy.


Clearance Products (Refurbished/Pre-Owned/Open-Box/Used)

Refurbished, Pre-Owned, Opened-Box, and Used (in any condition) products have a 180-day warranty on defects affecting the product’s core functionality. This warranty would follow the conditions of the normal 1-year warranty described above with the exception of the shortened timeframe.

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