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Now you have the opportunity to provide revolutionary health products through one of our available partnerships.
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When you sign up and become affiliated with UltraLux Health you aren’t just becoming another affiliate. When you sign up you're joining the cause and the mission — a mission to inspire people to achieve greatness, a greatness which can only be accomplished by healthy living, in body, spirit, and mind. Through these partnerships you're able to provide these powerful health solutions to your friends, followers, and audiences — helping them fortify their health against modern health threats — and make a little extra for yourself as well.

Partnership Programs Overview

Outlined below are our four different types of partnership programs you can join. All of these are separate from our Referral Program. Browse below to see which program best fits your situation. All applications will be reviewed and approved by our Partnership Management Team.


Share your link or code & earn commissions on sales.

  • Custom sharable discount codes & links
  • Flexible commission plans starting at 10%
  • Provide great discounts to your audience
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Sell our products through your store and we'll handle the fulfillment.

  • Flexibility to sell the products in your store or on your website
  • Discounts starting at 25% off with growth opportunities
  • Allow UltraLux Health to manage support, service, and ops
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Best discounts to buy, house, sell, and fulfill orders through your own channels.

  • Price and Sales Flexibility with larger discounts
  • Take Payments Directly
  • Warranty Support from UltraLux Health
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Social Media Influencer

Share to your social media followers and make commissions on tracked purchases.

  • Custom Deals That Work Best For You and Your Audience Such As
    • Commission Rate on Sold Products
    • Content Sponsorships
    • Social Media Collaborations
  • Access to Influencer Management Support Rep
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Explore the Exciting Possibilities

Want to know more about each program? Below is a more detailed breakdown of the ways you can partner with UltraLux Health to bring these incredible health products to your audience. If you think you could fit into multiple programs, apply to the one that seems like the best fit. We'll be able to review and provide guidance during the application review process and should be able to answer any questions you may have!

Affiliate Program


The affiliate program is one of the best catch-all programs. If you're looking to share our health products through a link or coupon code where users can check out on, then this is the route for you! Within the Affiliate Program, the starting tier includes a 10% discount and a 10% commission that can easily be paid out via PayPal. Tracking your sales, referrals, leads, and commissions is incredibly easy with our detailed Affiliate Dashboard. You can also get a custom coupon code, making it easier to share and incredibly memorable.

  • Average order values of $1,200USD
  • Guaranteed sale attribution when your coupon code is used
  • 90-day cookie tracking with your link
  • Many tiers with higher discounts and commissions available
  • Unique/Customizable coupon code(s) available
  • Heavily discounted product available for collaborations
  • All order management is handled by UltraLux Health
  • Provide Buy Now, Pay Later Options On All Products
  • Get 1% commission on Referred Affiliates Orders
  • Up to monthly commission payouts via PayPal
  • Access to Priority Support Team
  • Willing to Join the UltraLux Health Mission
  • Be Able To Promote to More Than 10 People
  • Must have a PayPal account to receive payments or accept store credit.
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Dropship Program


Want to add your favorite UltraLux Health products to your online store or e-commerce website without the hassle of managing or fulfilling inventory? Then the Dropship Program is right for you! With this program, you can list any and all of the UltraLux Health products on your own store, have customers buy from you, and then place the order through UltraLux Health, and we'll fulfill. To make it easier, you'll also have access to a product asset library (Coming Soon), where you can find product images, videos, and swipe copy to help you get started selling faster. And if you run into any issues along the way, you'll have the support of a dedicated Account Manager to help you grow.

  • Add and Manage Products On Your Store/Website
  • Greater pricing flexibility
  • Take Payments Directly
  • Product Orders Starting at 25% With Growth Opportunities
  • No Inventory Management
  • Allow UltraLux Health To Manage Support and Service
  • Active Business License
  • State Reseller Tax Certificate
  • Place an Initial Order
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Wholesale Program


Add UltraLux Health products to your business. Our wholesale program is built for businesses to easily resell these health products. With this program, your business can get the biggest discount for bulk orders, housing and fulfilling orders, and managing nearly all support for the products. Wholesale purchasing discounts start at 30%, with a low MOQ, and a qualifying order of $5,000. Wholesale pricing tiers increase as your order total accumulates over the lifetime of the account. Reordering is made easy with our custom wholesale order process, and your dedicated business Account Manager will be with you every step of the way. Minimum orders must be placed yearly, along with a valid reseller's license, to be eligible for the Wholesale Program. We accept distributors outside of the USA.

  • Largest Product Discounts, Starting at 30%
  • Add and Manage Products On Your Store/Website
  • Price and Sales Flexibility
  • Sell high-quality, trusted products to your audience
  • Take Payments Directly
  • Warranty Support from UltraLux Health
  • Priority assistance
  • Active Business License
  • State Reseller Tax Certificate
  • Place an Initial Order
  • Minimum Bulk Orders Placed Quarterly To Maintain Wholesale Status
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Influencer Program
(Launching Soon)


Calling all influencers! If your primary channel for making money and sharing about products is through social media, our Influencer Program is the right fit for you! With our Influencer Program, you'll be able to work with a dedicated Creator Manager who can help build custom deals to fit you and your audience, with basic revenue sharing and/or sponsorship plans available.

  • Total Follower Count Greater Than 10,000
  • Primary Sales Channel Is Social Media
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Other Partnerships?

Looking for another type of partnership that's not listed here? Let's talk and see if it's a good fit. Fill out the form below to get the conversation started.
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