Waveguard Studies

Waveguard Studies

Over 25 studies—the most studies on any EMF product

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Scientifically Proven

Waveguard EMF-protection devices have undergone rigorous testing and have the most studies on their devices. Their devices have been tested in over 25 studies, including multiple double-blind human studies — that’s up to 3x more than the next EMF competitor's product. These studies include both technical and biological studies. All of the studies have shown a positive and protective effect when a Waveguard Device is introduced.

More on the Way

Below are all of the published and public studies. Some studies have been completed but are in the process of being published. Each study will include a short summary and access to the full report.

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Study Summaries

Effects of the Qi Shield on Brain Waves, Memory, & Sleep

This study showed that individuals who had an activated Qi Shield had increased frontal theta waves.

EMF, Qi Shield, and Wound Healing

This study showed that when a Qi Shield was protecting healing cell tissues, the tissue healed 90%. Nearly the same amount as the control group of cell tissues that were not exposed to EMFs. The third group of cell tissues was exposed to EMFs without any protection and healed approximately 25%.

Effects of the Qi Home Cell on Water

This study showed that water sitting within the protective area of a Qi Home Cell developed antioxidative effects, which were shown to decrease both external and internal free oxygen radicals.

Qi Shield’s Protective Influence on Humans

This study tested the protective effects of the Qi Shield on people sitting near an EMF emitter (Wi-Fi router). The results showed that the Qi Shield promoted relaxation in the participants and had a protective influence on the study participants against wireless router radiation.

Qi Shield’s Protective Influence on Germinating Seeds

This study demonstrates that the Qi Shield has a protective influence on seed germination.

Effects of the Qi Home Cell on Geopathic Zones

The results of this study showed that the Qi Home Cell balanced geopathic disturbances and magnetic field disruptions, and had a favorable effect on water quality.

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