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The Hot Facts About Infrared Therapy

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With just 15 minutes in an infrared sauna, you can:
  • Get the same cardio benefits from a light run without moving from your chair
  • Remove organ-poisoning toxic heavy metals
  • Cut stress levels and depression and anxiety symptoms
  • Experience deep relaxation and whole-body rejuvenation
Why You Can't Miss With Infrared Therapy
From traditional Finnish steam saunas to Japanese bath-houses and everywhere in between, saunas, or sauna-like experiences, can easily be found anywhere.
But have you ever wondered if a sauna session is right for you?
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That depends, do you want:
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Better and deeper sleep?
man running
Relief from sore muscles, stiff joints, and chronic pain?
woman in ultralux foldaway sauna
Deep, whole-body relaxation?
woman breathing easily
Better heart, lung, and cardiovascular health?
smiling woman with healthy skin
Clearer, younger, and healthier-looking skin?
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The best way to detox health-destroying heavy metals?
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Wholistic mental and physical rejuvenation?

If you answer yes to any of the above, an infrared sauna experience may be just what you need.

And there are still even more health benefits that can come from using an infrared sauna!

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Ancient vs. Modern Technology — Different Types of Saunas
A sauna is a small space where heat is used to stimulate and enhance health.
There are two main types of saunas... wet and dry.
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Wet Saunas
A wet sauna — also called a steam sauna — uses water poured over hot stones to heat the space, and in turn, heat the body.
This typically requires a hotter temperature and longer sauna sessions to produce a healthy, detoxifying sweat.
Dry Saunas
Dry saunas use a variation of infrared light to directly heat the user, resulting in a quicker and more efficient sauna experience.
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car and automobile temperature controls standard uv light tanning bed
Picture it like this…
A wet sauna is like getting into a cold car during the middle of winter. As you drive warm air begins to circulate, warming the car.
Eventually, the car warms up, but it takes longer because it's heating the whole car.
In contrast, a dry sauna is similar to a tanning bed. In a tanning bed, UV rays are used to directly penetrate the person.
This process is quicker and more efficient because it's directly warming the individual.
An infrared sauna can use a variety of near, mid, and far wavelengths that can penetrate a user's skin, warming up the person and drawing toxins to the surface where they can be sweated out.
Unlike a tanning bed which can be dangerous, infrared saunas are completely safe.
Many people prefer a dry sauna experience because they're more effective, are easier to fit into a busy schedule, provide results quicker, and are more comfortable.
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What To Look For
In An Infrared Sauna
There are a lot of available infrared saunas out there at a lot of different price points. Cheap ones cost as little as $100 and ultra-premium ones are as expensive as $10,000.
With so many options out there it can be good to know what is useful, and what is fancy marketing.
Here are 6 things to consider when comparing saunas:
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Temperature Ranges — Hottest isn't necessarily the best
A sauna's main purpose is to get hot causing you to sweat, because of that max temperature is a very important factor when choosing a sauna. But be aware, just because a sauna boasts the highest max temperature doesn't mean that you need (or should) sauna at that temperature. The ideal temperature range for an infrared sauna is between 120 and 150 degrees. Anything over this can start getting into unhealthy and even dangerous territory.
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Sauna Materials — Be careful what's off-gassing
One of the greatest advantages of sauna-ing is detoxification. One thing to be aware of is the material of the sauna. Some sellers will use cheap, synthetic materials which can off-gas, turning your cleansing session into a reabsorption session. Try to avoid synthetic materials and stick with natural or organic materials such as bamboo, silk, wool, and cotton.
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Low EMFs — Heat, not electro-radiation
Making sure your infrared sauna has low to no EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) is very important since over-exposure to EMFs can lead to a variety of health issues. Creating future health problems by trying to be healthy now is like one step forward, three steps back.
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Far Infrared or Full Spectrum — More is sometimes more
Not all infrared spectrums are created equal. Far infrared is the most common type of wavelength for saunas because the longer wavelength is best at stimulating sweat. However near and mid-infrared also provide a variety of benefits that far infrared doesn't such as skin surface healing, reduced wrinkles, decreased inflammation, and even pain relief. In this case, more wavelengths are better.
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Portable VS. Permanent Sizes
Most infrared saunas are available in both portable or permanent sizes. Both sizes of saunas come with advantages and disadvantages.
Permanent saunas are made from wood or wood composites. They're generally very aesthetic, can fit multiple people, and can often reach higher temperatures, however, they are significantly bigger requiring space that you may or may not have. They can require more upkeep, maintenance, and cleaning. Permanent saunas are more expensive with some of these models getting up to tens of thousands of dollars.
Portable saunas are small, one-person saunas commonly made with a fabric covering and they can be folded up for easier storage. These saunas are much more affordable compared to their wooden counterparts. However portable saunas often don't get as hot, and if we're being honest, look a little funny.
Both types of saunas can be great, we often recommend people start with a small portable sauna first so they can try and experience the rejuvenating experience and then upgrade to a permanent sauna if they want, and have the space.
Not Sure Where To Start? Check Out The UltraLux Health Saunas.
We're big fans of detoxification and infrared saunas here at UltraLux Health, that's why we developed a sauna to fit the average person's needs.
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We built our portable sauna so it:
  • Has a large temperature range so you can always experience your perfect sauna session.
  • Is built from VOC-free, stain-resistant all-natural satin fabric.
  • Has ultra-low EMFs and ELFs so that you can get a soothing sauna experience without subjecting yourself to harmful electro-radiation.
  • A negative ion generator for a cleaner, fresh-feeling experience.
  • A full infrared spectrum so you can get the health benefits from every wavelength every time.
Are You Ready To Take Your Health To The Next Level?
Whether you're a young starlet about to break into the scene, or a grandparent who wants to get on the floor to play with their grandkids, an infrared sauna could be exactly what you need. In just two sessions a week, you can sleep better, have lower stress levels, improve your heart health, and experience deep relaxation.
If you're ready to take the next step to see if the UltraLux Health Sauna is right for you click on the link below.
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