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Red Pro on white backgroud

Comparison: Red Pro Vs Mito Mobile

October 31, 2023
Red Pro on white backgroud

Comparison: Red Pro Vs Mito Mobile

Not only it is necessary to find a red light therapy treatment that works for you, it’s even more crucial to find a device that fits your needs. There are many options available for red light therapy, but not all provide high quality healing. The UltraLux Health Red Pro is a great option, as well as the Mito Mobile by Mito Red Light. However, how can we know which product is better? Well, let’s compare.

At A Glance

FEATURESRed ProMito Mobile
Size6 in x 3.7 in x 1.5 in6 in x 4 in x 1.5 in
Irradiance6 inches 93n mW/cm2, 4 inches 173 mW/cm2>100 mw/cm2
Wavelength660 nm and 850 nm660 nm and 850 nm
Battery Life2 hours2.5 hours
Accessories IncludedPower Cord, Strap, Stand, Carrying CasePower Cord, Carrying Case


Irradiance is the amount of red light intensity (measured in milliwatts per square centimeter, mW/cm²) that is delivered to a specific area of the body’s surface during the therapy session. A higher irradiance in red light therapy is essential, as it significantly influences the effectiveness of your red light treatment. The irradiance levels demonstrate how effectively the light reaches the target areas, offering the potential for more vigorous and comprehensive results in a shorter period. The higher the irradiance, the more accelerated the therapeutic effects of the treatment.

    Mito Mobile: The irradiance of the Mito Mobile falls around 100 mw/cm2, but has the same wavelength as the UltraLux Red Pro. Because of the weaker irradiance, it demonstrates less potential for an effective red light therapy session.

    Red Pro: At 173 mw/cm2, and at a distance of 4 inches, the trusted irradiance of the Red Pro provides high therapeutic potential for each red light therapy session that is superior to other at-home treatments.

User Experience

When purchasing a red light therapy device, you want to be confident in its capabilities, focusing on how the device meets your expectations. If it provides comfort, convenience, and delivers the desired therapeutic benefits, then you can trust it is right for you.

    Mito Mobile: Although the mobile hand held is convenient for on-the-go or at-home treatments, there is no strap for comfortable holding or a dock to place the device on to. However, it is compact for slipping into your backpack, purse, or carry-on luggage.

    Red Pro: With comfort at your fingertips, Red Pro provides a compact red light device accompanied by a supportive hand strap and stand. For added safety and durability, the Red Pro is built for water resistance.

FDA Cleared

To conduct at-home red light treatments with confidence, specific devices have been cleared through the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means the FDA has determined that the product meets its regulatory standards for marketing and sale in the United States.

    Mito Mobile: The Mito Pro Series is an FDA registered Class II device through the wavelength usage.

    Red Pro: Similarly, The UltraLux Health Red Pro has FDA cleared wavelength usage. However, due to the high irradiance of those wavelengths, the effectiveness of the Red Pro increases.

Recovery and Pain Relief

Red light therapy may enhance blood flow and oxygen delivery to affected tissues, supporting their healing and reducing associated pain. The release of endorphins, is another potential benefit, providing relief and promoting an overall sense of well-being.

    Mito Mobile: Although the Mito Mobile uses the same red and near-infrared wavelengths as the Red Pro, the irradiance is lower, therefore the strength of the device is not as powerful. It has similar benefits when it comes to tissue repair and regeneration but the strength for pain relief may not be as powerful.

    Red Pro: With a high irradiance of 173 mw/cm2 at a distance of 4 inches, the Red Pro offers a strong assurance of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production which supports a quicker injury recovery and reduced pain.

Quality You Deserve

The power to feel skin restoration and healing at home is worth an investment. For purchasing high quality red light therapy devices, you deserve to see fast rejuvenating results with the entrusted wavelengths and technology. The expert level results and benefits should always match the price point.

    Mito Mobile: Mito Red Light sells the Mito Mobile device for $269, not including tax and shipping. For this price, they include the red light device, charging cord, and carrying case.

    Red Pro: UltraLux Health Red Pro runs for $550, not including tax and shipping. For this quality investment, you are provided with the red light device, charging cord, a carrying case, a stand, and a comfortable hand strap. Not only are quality accessories included, but with a high irradiance, the Red Pro is able to provide skin restoring results in less treatments than a standard device. The overarching benefits and results can pay off the investment in a matter of sessions.

In the overwhelming search for quality and mobile red light therapy, the choice between two red light devices, Red Pro and Mito Mobile, comes down to making an informed decision that aligns with your goals. After a comprehensive comparison, it’s evident that the Red Pro is the superior choice. Its higher irradiance levels ensure more effective treatments and pain relief, while the seamless user experience simplifies the therapeutic process. The FDA clearance of Red Pro underscores its safety and efficacy, providing added confidence for you!

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