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Woman cleaning. Photo used on blog for the comparison of UltraLux Clean and SaniTru Cleaner

Comparison: UltraLux Clean and SaniTru Cleaner

October 11, 2023
Woman cleaning. Photo used on blog for the comparison of UltraLux Clean and SaniTru Cleaner

Comparison: UltraLux Clean and SaniTru Cleaner

With a demanding life, you don’t want to stress about the little things. That may include cleaning your kitchen, sanitizing your bathroom or wiping down your kids’ toys. But if you have an unreliable cleaning disinfectant, that little thing can turn into bacterial infections, future messes, or residue build up.

Today, we’ll be diving deep into a comparison of two notable cleaning solutions: the UltraLux Health Clean and the SaniTru Disinfectant Appliance. While both offer promises of a cleaner, germ-free space, our comparison will reveal why the UltraLux Clean is the superior choice. From unmatched cleaning power to a commitment to safety, this blog post will shed light on what sets the UltraLux Clean apart as the ultimate disinfectant solution for your household needs.

Safety and Environmental Impact

Choosing a safe and environmentally friendly household cleaner is a choice that goes beyond cleanliness—it’s a decision that profoundly impacts both your well-being and the planet. Such cleaners prioritize the health of individuals and families by eliminating the risks associated with harmful chemicals, allergens, and toxins. They ensure that your living spaces remain free from potential hazards, which is especially crucial if you have children and pets. Additionally, eco-friendly cleaners reduce our carbon footprint, as they come in recyclable packaging and contain ingredients that are less harmful to ecosystems.

The UltraLux Clean provides environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for the planet and your home. By adopting reusable bottles, the UltraLux Clean contributes to eliminating single-use plastic bottles from your cleaning routine. In addition to durable bottles, the UltraLux Clean provides you with your salt and citric acid blend Cleaning Powder that fights messes and bacteria stronger than harsh, damaging bleaches or chemicals all without the use of toxins.

Similar to the UltraLux Clean, the SaniTru Disinfecting Appliance uses a reusable bottle for their cleaning solution to fight against plastic waste. They require you to provide the salt, water, and vinegar to electrolyze in their bottle and convert to Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl). The SaniTru Disinfecting Appliance utilizes this formula to kill bacteria without the use of harmful chemicals.

Ease of Use

Your cleaning experience begins at the moment you purchase your cleaning solution. As you search for a quality cleaner, it is important to find a disinfectant that operates with ease. This means you are provided with the right tools needed to operate the cleaner.

The UltraLux Clean gives you an opportunity for a hands on experience in creating your medical-grade cleaning solution. By providing a spray bottle, Cleaning Powder, scoop spoon, and the electrolyzer base, you have everything you need to make the disinfectant. To begin, you fill the bottle with water and use the provided scoop spoon to put the included Cleaning Powder into the water in the spray bottle. You shake the bottle gently for 15 seconds until the powder is dissolved which supports an even formula. Then you place it on the electrolysis base where the water and Cleaning Powder mixture will electrolyze and create the Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), a safe and powerful solution for all messes. The UltraLux Clean solution is 80 times stronger than bleach. Once it finishes the electrolysis, you take it off the base and begin spraying with two customizable settings for a single or continuous spray, and you can adjust from a wide spritz to a stream spray.

The SaniTru Disinfecting Appliance provides an Electrolyzer, spray bottle, measuring spoon, pH test strips, dropper bottle, and a quick pour funnel. However, you will need to provide vinegar, salt, and water to make the disinfectant. After filling up the bottle with water, you mix in salt and vinegar. Then turn on the electrolyzer and wait about 10 minutes until the solution transforms into the Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl). Then your SaniTru Disinfecting Appliance is ready to spray and clean.

Unique Benefits

Although the two cleaning solutions are similar in utilizing the disinfecting power of Hypochlorous Acid, they each have their own unique benefits and features.

The UltraLux Clean allows for an autonomous process, by providing everything needed for creating and utilizing your cleaning solution. Some exceptional features of the UltraLux Clean includes the customizable spray settings on the bottle. You can choose between a continuous spray or a pulsed spray for a more manual approach. In addition, the scoop spoon attached to the base of the bottle reduces the risk of losing your spoon for future cleaning. As well, the UltraLux Cleaning Powder provides a trusted even formula for creating the Hypochlorous Acid, rather than relying on your own resources and measurements, UltraLux provides it all.

The SaniTru Disinfecting Appliance also provides an opportunity to have a hands on experience with creating your powerful cleaning solution. Although you need to use your own salt, water, and vinegar, you are provided with a vinegar dropper and funnel to carefully pour the vinegar into the bottle.

Although the UltraLux Clean and the SaniTru Disinfecting Appliance have similarities, there are enough differences to be confident in choosing the UltraLux Clean as your household cleaner. It provides a powerful disinfectant that is not only environmentally friendly but safe for your home. With the UltraLux Clean, you are supplied with all the tools necessary for properly creating Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl). Choose the UltraLux Clean and transform the way you clean!

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