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Step into a toxin-free future with the UltraLux Clean! Harnessing the power of hypochlorous acid, our cleaning solution empowers you to:

  • Tackle the toughest cleaning tasks with a formula 80x stronger than bleach
  • Create a powerful, FDA-approved sanitizer right in your kitchen
  • Experience medical-grade cleaning power through a 100% natural, family-friendly solution.

Try the UltraLux Clean for a cleaner, safer home.

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Unveiling the Hazards of Ordinary Cleaners

Research and studies have shown that most household cleaners today contain Volatile Organic Compounds (otherwise known as VOCs). VOCs are a silent threat, causing eye irritation, respiratory difficulties, and potential harm to your brain and nervous system.

These cleaning companies continue to poison their solutions with VOCs because they are effective at killing bacteria and grime. But at what cost?

The same chemicals that are eliminating your household messes are also damaging your body and brain. In response to this issue, consumers like you have looked for a safer, but still effective cleaning solution.

Experience Unrivaled Safety and Cleaning Power with the UltraLux Clean

Quit cluttered cupboards filled with toxic cleaning solutions. Using just a few common kitchen products, the UltraLux Clean creates one of the most powerful, naturally-occurring cleaning solutions — hypochlorous acid. As a result, it is 100% non-toxic to humans, pets, and plants.

The UltraLux Clean: Your Cleaning Powerhouse

What is Hypochlorous Acid?

Hypochlorous acid, fondly known as “Nature’s Disinfectant,” is your ultimate defender. Naturally produced within white blood cells, it eradicates bacteria and grime with its mildly acidic nature, ensuring cleanliness on any surface.
Hypochlorous acid is:

  • 100% non-toxic to humans, pets, plants
  • FDA-approved, proving its medical-grade effectiveness as a disinfectant
  • Has 80x the sterilizing power of bleach, without the harmful risks

How Is It Made?

Creating hypochlorous acid is fairly simple, and with the UltraLux Clean, the process becomes even simpler. The first step is to combine water, salt, and a pH balancer like citric acid or white vinegar (we prefer to use citric acid since vinegar can have an unwanted smell). Using electrolysis, the UltraLux Clean then passes an electric current through the solution, which creates a chemical change. Ta-da! Hypochlorous acid is born.

Every UltraLux Clean comes with a pre-made cleaning powder for immediate use. If you’re like us and prefer to have someone else to make your cleaning powder for you, you can buy cleaning powder refills through the UltraLux Health website.

80 Times Stronger Than Bleach

Imagine bleach’s older, stronger, better-looking (and better-smelling) stepbrother. Because of its exceptional sanitizing power, hypochlorous acid is the best at cleaning surfaces like:

  • Kitchen counters covered in raw chicken juice
  • Sticky post-potty training bathroom floors
  • Your baby’s pacifier that you just found in the mud… or the toilet… or the floor of the grocery store
  • Fresh garden or store-bought produce
  • Your hands! No need for the sticky, drying hand sanitizer

Despite being your cleaning session all-star, hypochlorous acid solution doesn’t act as a polishing agent. It’ll clean your faucet, but you’ll need a little extra something if you want it to really shine.

Powerful, Economical, & Environmental


Favored by commercial cleaning companies, hypochlorous acid brings unmatched cleanliness to your home. Using it allows you to embrace the efficiency of traditional cleaning agents without compromising your family’s health.


According to a 2020 Statista survey, the average American individual invests up to $170.28 yearly in cleaning products, with families exceeding a whopping $680 per year. You could purchase an UltraLux Clean for yourself and a couple friends at that rate. Plus, at a running cost of only $0.000015 per use, the UltraLux Clean promises cost-effective brilliance.


At UltraLux Health, we love our Mother Earth, and we know you do too. By adopting the reusable UltraLux Clean system, you contribute to eliminating single-use plastic bottles from your cleaning routine.

Ready to say good riddance to toxins in your home?

Get the UltraLux Clean today and usher in a healthier, cleaner home.

Get Your UltraLux Clean

Product Dimensions10.75” x 4.5” x 3.85”
Product Weight1.07 lbs
VoltageDC 3.7 Volt
Power3.7 Watts
Bottle Capacity500 ML
Battery2200 mAH
Battery Life Per Charge3-4 hours
Battery Recharge Time3-4 hours
Product MaterialsSilicon, Plastic, Metal

2 reviews for UltraLux Clean

  1. Jennifer Chirdo

    Where to start?! I’m not just some one who “likes” clean products, or uses them prophylactically. Long story short, I had a “perfect storm” situation in 2020 which involved multiple toxic load ‘attacks’ which the neglect of healthcare delivery, caused damage to my heart, lungs and brain, which means, anything my immune system senses as a threat, within a nanosecond, the inflammation in the lungs and sinuses goes right to my brain so and the symptoms are unexaggeratedly debilitating to disabling, frankly. Why go into all this backstory? I am a mold detector, artificial scent, neurotoxin, contaminant detector. No meters needed when I’m around, this product is the “BALM!” (don’t wan’t to flag with a word you can’t use on an airplane 😉 ) It’s is so effective upon even gentle contact (mist mode), YET, allows me to clean with out hypoxia, syncope, and exhaustion! My brain and body are the test and I have’t been able to clean for this long since my “injuries” and I didn’t want to stop. Sooooo impressed, thankful and re-motivated to continue the long over deep clean because I fall so ill whenever I attempted, before this product. Even with lemon and vinegar, this is more gentle and effective. This inspired me to purchase gift for my family who since we all share similar allergy reactions. Part of my injuries included severe mold toxicity, so that was a big concern (FUNgal elimination with out the bleach that is a deceiver and the spores party even harder and multiple more than the cockroaches!) and it started getting to work immediately and it’s just so light, and obvious. Gotta use it to know, but for any one who gets brain inflamed or sick in any way from artificial, strong, not so “fabuloso” chemicals? For what it’s worth, trust me (or not, and get worse I pray not). And, the quality of the product is mirrored by the quality of the customer service and care. The help was not “AI” or some robot. They were patient, helpful support. It matters! Thank you for existing – both the company and the humans behind and working for it. 7/5 stars <3

  2. Kelly Ballard

    I actually got to visit the facility and see this in action and I was BLOWN away. I have been wanting to get rid of all my toxic junk in the house and this is saving me! The passion this team has to finding clean products is unreal. I am absolutely recommending this!!

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