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With just one glass of hydrogen-enriched water you can get:
  • A 100% caffeine-free energy boost
  • Laser-like focus
  • Crystal clear mental clarity
  • Reduced inflammation without synthetic medication
What Is Hydrogen-Enriched Water, & How Does It Work?
Hydrogen-enriched water is regular water with additional hydrogen gas dissolved into the water. This is similar to carbonated or sparkling water, which is water — or flavored water — with added CO2 gas.
Hydrogen-enriched water is the same, just with hydrogen gas instead of carbonation.
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“But doesn't water already have hydrogen in it?"
Yes, yes it does … Hydrogen gas comprises two-thirds of water's chemical composition. However, hydrogen-enriched water has additional, free-floating hydrogen gas dissolved into the water.
This free-floating hydrogen gas is able to float through the body and neutralize cell-killing free radicals and cross blood barriers to support and promote organ health.
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The Tale of the Third Wheel
Picture a married couple and their third wheeling single friend all go out one night. The married couple stays together and enjoys each other's company, while the single friend is out talking to as many people as they can as they try to pick up a date.
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The married couple are the bonded hydrogen and oxygen that make up the water while the single friend is the beneficial free-floating hydrogen gas.
That's where the hydrogen benefit comes from. The single free floating hydrogen gas is able to travel throughout the body interacting with a variety of different organs, tissues, and cells in a way that the married couple or bonded hydrogen and oxygen never could.
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Hydrogen gas, also known as molecular hydrogen, has been shown to provide a variety of health benefits ranging from whole body to individual organs, even down to the cellular level.
Because of this, hydrogen as a therapeutic remedy has recently begun to grow in popularity and acceptance.
    Out of the current 1,235 scientific studies on molecular hydrogen, over 50% were conducted within the last 6 years. And there are still more studies in various stages of progress.
    Of the 1,235 studies conducted so far, 95% of them have had a positive (therapeutic or health-improving) result, 4.4% had a neutral result, and only 0.6% have had a negative result.
    In nearly all of the negative result studies, the negative factor wasn't caused by the molecular hydrogen. For example, in one study, the negative result was attributed to a pH change in the water.
So what do 1,200+ studies say about molecular hydrogen?
Molecular hydrogen has been shown to:
Work as a selective therapeutic antioxidant, meaning it decreases oxidative stress, one of the leading causes in nearly all major diseases and illnesses
Support disease prevention like Alzheimers disease, early onset dementia, cancer, diabetes (Type I and II)
Boost memory, enhance focus, and reduce and regulate inflammation
Provide natural energy, increase endurance, reduce recovery time, support healthy weight loss, and more!
These are just the benefits that have already been discovered. With so many studies happening every year, scientists are constantly discovering more.
The next questions to ask are: how much molecular hydrogen do you need, and what is the best way to consume it?
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How to Boost Your Health With Molecular Hydrogen
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Molecular Hydrogen Concentration
The most common way to measure the concentration of molecular hydrogen is in parts per million (ppm).
Generally, you'll want the highest concentration because it provides the most benefits and the quickest results. The minimum ppm you should accept is approximately 1.0 ppm, as anything below this doesn't have enough hydrogen to provide all of the health benefits.
That's why our Hydrogen-Enriched Water Tablets create up to 12 ppm of hydrogen in any glass of water. And that's with just one tablet.
Consuming Molecular Hydrogen
There are two ways to consume molecular hydrogen: inhalation and hydrogenated water.
Hydrogen inhalation machines can be a good option because they provide a lot of molecular hydrogen.
The problem with hydrogen inhalation is that most of the benefits are limited to the respiratory system, specifically the lungs, which makes it harder to get the holistic health benefits that hydrogen can provide. The other option, hydrogenated water, is the more common method.
When you drink hydrogen-enriched water, the molecular hydrogen is easily able to get into the bloodstream and move throughout the whole body, providing holistic health benefits.
This is why you want to have a higher concentration of molecular hydrogen. The more hydrogen you have, the easier it is to improve your health.
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How to Start Improving Your Health With UltraLux Water™
Tablets Unlike Any Other — UltraLux Hydrogen-Enriched Water Tablets
With our hydrogen tablets you can get:
  • The maximum health benefits from the highest concentration of hydrogen available — up to 12 ppm in a single tablet.
  • Two flavor options: refreshing raspberry or unflavored.
  • Stackable hydrogen concentration by adding up to 3 tablets. 3 tablets in a 16 oz. glass of water can provide up to 20 ppm.*
    • *We do not recommend using more than 3 tablets per serving.
  • Premium, all-natural ingredients, which help produce such a high concentration of hydrogen.
  • Safety/Performance certifications
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The Cleanest Water You Can Get — UltraLux Water Machine™
The UltraLux Water Machine is our state-of-the-art RO and hydrogen-enriched water machine. With this machine you can get:
  • The cleanest water with our multi-filtration process, including a carbon block filter, reverse osmosis filter, and UV sanitization.
  • Up to 1.8 parts per million of molecular hydrogen gas in the water.
  • A modern digital faucet.
  • The cleanest water with little to no maintenance.
  • Up to 1 year of filter life.
  • Pairs perfectly with Hydrogen-Enriched Water Tablets for extra molecular hydrogen.

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