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smartphone is charging with a wireless charger

Top 5 Places for EMF Protection

February 7, 2024
smartphone is charging with a wireless charger

Top 5 Places for EMF Protection

If you have a wireless phone, Wi-Fi, or even use a microwave, you may be vulnerable to the health risks caused by electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. The World Health Organization classifies EMFs as “a possible human carcinogen” and 84% of completed studies in 2014 showed that non-ionizing EMF radiation harmed DNA and genetics.

But what is electromagnetic field radiation? EMF radiation is the result of the harmful and excessive output that comes from electromagnetic fields. Living in our digital age, nearly every device emits EMF radiation — causing us to live in a radiation-rich world.

What Devices Emit EMF Radiation?

  • Wi-Fi routers
  • Cellphones, Laptops, Tablets
  • Smart Home Appliances
  • Microwaves
  • Hair Dryers
  • Smart Watches
  • Bluetooth Speakers & Headphones
  • Fluorescent Lights
  • Power Lines
  • Charging Cables

The UltraLux Solution – Qi Devices

Ideally, the solution to reduce electromagnetic field exposure is distancing ourselves from our devices and appliances, but that is simply unrealistic. As many of us live our entire lives through our devices, communicating with our loved ones through a phone, or working in front of a computer.

The best solution for reducing electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation is to depolarize these EMFs from the minute they’re emitted. Rather than simply deflecting these harmful waves, you can refract them, scattering the EMFs into harmless particles.

This is exactly what the Qi devices, provided by UltraLux Health, can accomplish. Qi devices follow this depolarization principle through proprietary engineering and non-Newtonian fluid, Qi solution, that effectively scatters waves of radiation to reduce electromagnetic field exposure in your space. When the energy of EMFs enter into areas protected by a Qi device, the Qi solution holds a semi-solid consistency which supports the electromagnetic waves to travel and disperse. Although these particles can still transmit signals, they do it without the light speed power of a direct beam so you can enjoy your digital devices and appliances without health hazards of EMF radiation.

Where to Place Your Qi Device

From 16 feet of coverage to 328 feet, UltraLux Health provides a trusted solution to harmful EMF radiation at home or on the go. With each Qi device protecting a different radius area, it’s important to know the places with the highest radiation so you can reduce the most exposure. Here are the top 5 places to put your Qi device for optimal EMF protection!

1. Bedroom

Given that you probably spend a significant portion of your day sleeping, your bedroom is a great focus for reducing EMF exposure. In a study, researchers found that exposure to electromagnetic fields reduce melatonin in our bodies, making it difficult to fall/stay asleep. With EMF depolarization, you can easily reduce the damaging EMF exposure, increasing melatonin in your body, and improving your overall sleep.

A Qi-Shield covering an 8 foot radius, or a Qi-Home Cell, covering a 25 foot radius of electromagnetic field radiation, could be great options for minimizing EMF exposure in a bedroom.

2. Children Play Area

Unfortunately, children are more vulnerable to the health risks of electromagnetic field radiation than adults. The thickness of a child’s skull ranges from 0.5 mm to 1 mm until they reach 10 years of age. So, the electromagnetic fields emitted by phone and tablet use are more pronounced on children’s heads. This can put children at risk for health challenges like heart palpitations, nausea, brain damage, and more.

Utilizing a Qi-Home Cell, or a Qi Max, with a 164 ft. protective radius, will reduce these health risks in multiple areas of your home. So any device or appliance emitting EMFs can safely operate where a child plays.

3. Workspace

Workspaces often house numerous electronic devices, such as computers, routers, and other wireless devices, contributing to increased EMF levels. Findings showed EMF exposure can produce diverse neuropsychiatric effects, including depression. These harmful effects may influence your work, daily attitude, and over well-being. By strategically placing an EMF Qi device in your workspace, you can mitigate the exposure and neuropsychiatric effects from these harmful waves.

With a Qi Shield, you can experience EMF protection anywhere. Taking it with you around the office or simply sitting at your desk, the Qi Shield can depolarize dangerous electromagnetic waves. There’s no need to worry about possible health challenges among a busy work schedule.

4. Car

Similar to your bedroom, you may spend a large amount of time in your car, traveling from one place to another, so having a mobile Qi device, such as the Qi Shield can help reduce EMF exposure.

Car radios are a source for emitting electromagnetic field radiation, which can cause damage to the brain and DNA. Exposure to electromagnetic fields, are absorbed by the brain and affect the activity of neurons, and temperature of molecules. This heating of molecules can also have adverse affects on many cellular processes.

Protecting yourself from continual exposure in your vehicle is beneficial for reducing these long term health risks. By using a mobile Qi-Shield, you can carry your EMF depolarizing device with you in your car, at home, or in school.

5. Living Room

Your living room often houses various electronic devices such as Wi-Fi routers, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and other wireless devices, all of which emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs) as they operate. Considering that the living room is often a central hub for family gatherings and entertainment, minimizing unnecessary EMF exposure aligns with efforts to promote a healthier indoor environment for all guests.

UltraLux Health provides the Qi-Max to act as a stable and consistent EMF protective device, staying in a central area to depolarize EMFs in various rooms. With a large protective radius, placing the Qi-Max in your living room can support the protection of your entire home and family.

Recognizing the growing prevalence of electronic devices, appliances, and technologies in our daily lives, UltraLux Health has developed this line of EMF protective devices aimed to minimizing the potential risks associated with prolonged exposure. The effects of EMF radiation may be more serious than widely recognized. Now is the time to protect you and your loved ones from the unseen dangers of EMFs.

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