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The UltraLux Red Cap: your ultimate hair regrowth solution. You can experience:

  • Healthier, fuller hair
  • Improved brain and memory function
  • Improvement from scalp conditions

Try the Red Cap today! We’ve got your hair covered.

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The Red Cap: Your All-Around Hair Regrowth Solution

Revolutionize hair regrowth with red light therapy. The UltraLux Red Cap was meticulously designed to help you combat hair loss. We know how painful it is to lose hair, which is why we created this product — to reverse hair loss without relying on unknown chemicals and ineffective treatments.

The Power of UltraLux Hair Health

The Red Cap is one-of-a-kind in its ability to attack hair loss at the root cause. Using the most powerful FDA-cleared light wavelengths on the market, you can be confident that you are receiving the most powerful hair growth treatment without wasting your money on ineffective, toxic treatments. Get ready for your hair to grow back better than ever!

The Science Behind Red Light & Fuller Hair

Ditch the unfamiliar creams and chemicals — The UltraLux Red Cap utilizes the most specialized, high-irradiance red light wavelengths that are proven for hair regrowth. These wavelengths reach past the skin barrier, stimulating the hair follicles to produce more hair. Dormant hair follicles open again, and blood flow increases, which causes hair growth to accelerate.

Powerful Irradiance for Powerful Results

Irradiance is the unit used for measuring the power and potency of a light wavelength. This UltraLux Red cap utilizes commonly-used wavelengths that have been proven for optimal hair regrowth. However, this product sets itself apart from other light therapy hats with its powerful surface irradiance, up to 205 mW/cm2. We believe that more power = stronger, faster hair growth results.

Customize Your Hair Health Needs

The UltraLux Red Cap has a remote control feature that allows you to choose between a variety of settings for powerful results. Whether you want to increase hair thickness with pulsed light therapy or treat scalp conditions and manage pain with the continuous light setting, the power is in your hands. This product empowers you to tailor your hair regrowth journey to your specific needs and preferences.

Red light (630 nanometers)

  • Increase hair growth and density
  • Stimulate stem cell regeneration
  • Effectively treat common skin disorders such as eczema & psoriasis

Infrared light (850 nanometers and 940 nanometers)

  • Rejuvenate scalp health
  • Enhance mental stamina and cognitive performance
  • Accelerate wound and injury recovery


How To Use

You shouldn’t need a 10-step routine to achieve your hair goals. The UltraLux Red Cap is easy-to-use and even more effective! With settings that control the power level, wavelength type, and time, your treatment session is truly personalized for your unique needs.

1. Plug the power cord into an outlet, and place the cap on your head.
2. Power the cap on and select your desired treatment type.
3. Place the cap on your head, making sure it fits snug against your scalp.
4. Sit back, relax, and let the UltraLux Red Cap do the work!

Ready for your hair breakthrough?

Regrow your hair; renew your confidence with the UltraLux Red Cap!

Get Your Red Cap

Product Dimensions11.5" x 8.0" x 4.5"
Rating Power75 Watts
IrradianceUp to 200 mW/cm ²
Actual Power26.1 watts / 19.6 watts / 14.5 watts
Diameter200 millimeters
LED Quantity150*0.5 watts
DimmableYes (3 levels)
Net Weight0.4 pounds (for cap only)
Wavelength1*630 nanometers; 1*850 nanometers; 1*940 nanometers;
Size AdjustableYes, with zipper
Pulse10 Hertz
Dual ButtonsON/OFF ; Dimmable ; Pulse ; Switch Wavelength
Timer15 minutes

3 reviews for Red Cap

  1. Sandy Feld

    This infrared/red light Cap is easy to wear and to think it benefits your hair growth and your brain too at the same time is fantastic. I actually use this 2 times a day but it’s so easy that I’m tempted to do it more even. I’m hoping it will even help with Tinnitus too.

  2. Monnie Roten

    I love this cap!!!! I have thinning hair and know it will help start the regrowth process in time. It is so easy to slip on while I’m reading or watching TV. I’m also very thankful that it helps with brain issues. I feel it is a major protection against age related memory problems.

  3. Carolyn B.

    I purchased 2 Ultralux Red Light products, a Red Light Cap and a Red Light Wrap. I like them both very much. The quality and construction of both items is very good, made for serious use. I greatly appreciate the wrap for my hip pain, and am using the cap for my thinning hair, and and brain function. You can use both items in the comfort and convenience of your own home and they fit into your schedule. I have called the company more than once to ask some questions. I found the staff especially pleasant and helpful. The fact that you can talk to a person and get answers to your questions rates high on my list. I would most certainly recommend this company, their products, and their customer service. I hope someday to buy one of this company’s larger units as well.

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