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Unlock the future of wellness with the UltraLux Red Pro — the best of its kind in handheld healing. After just four sessions, you can experience:

  • Reduced arthritis and other inflammation
  • Increased cellular energy and ATP production
  • Accelerated muscle building and recovery

Get your UltraLux Red Pro today for personalized, precision healing.

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Meet the Red Pro: Your Wellness Go-To

When life keeps you on the move, make sure your wellness stays with you. Introducing Red Pro, the game-changer in portable red light therapy. Created with you in mind, this product features two advanced, high-irradiance* light therapy wavelengths to treat your pain at its source.

Experience a health transformation with red light therapy which provides:

  • Targeted muscle relief
  • Proven process for natural healing
  • Improves cellular health and regeneration
  • Increases circulation
  • Repairs wound and tissue damage
  • Reduces inflammation in joints and muscles
  • Relief from arthritis and chronic pain

*Irradiance measures a wavelength’s strength and effectiveness. Higher irradiance = faster, stronger results!

Why the UltraLux Red Pro Shines Above the Rest

Whether you’re hoping to relieve chronic pain, heal sports injuries, or are simply in search of wellness revival, the Red Pro has you covered. In a world of compromises, don’t compromise your health! This product uses the most powerful, effective technology to eliminate your pain the natural way. The portability of this product allows you to experience medical-grade pain relief without stepping foot out of your home!

Proven light wavelengths for Powerful Results

The UltraLux Red Pro uses FDA-cleared high-irradiance wavelengths for safe, unbeatable results. Crafted with red and infrared light therapy, this product provides impressive, proven results without relying on pain medication. While many other pain relievers simply treat pain as it flares up, red light therapy reaches to the cellular and muscular level to relieve pain and inflammation at their source.

Portable Powerhouse

The Red Pro is designed for those who refuse to compromise on their well-being. Its compact, handheld design ensures you can carry the benefits of red light therapy wherever you go. With a 5 hour charge time, you can get up to 4 full 20-minute sessions of use per charge. Slip it into your bag, pocket, or gym kit – it’s ready when you are!

Powerful Irradiance for Powerful Results

You might be wondering – What is “*irradiance*?” Irradiance is the unit used for measuring the power and efficiency of a light wavelength. The UltraLux Red Pro utilizes commonly-used wavelengths that have been proven for pain relief and body renewal. However, the UltraLux Red Pro sets itself apart from other red light devices by implementing a powerful irradiance, up to 174 mW/cm2 at 3 inches! We believe that more power = stronger, faster results for your skin. This product has one of the highest irradiances at the most commonly used distances for handheld devices.

Unmatched Dual Wavelengths for Your Unique Pain needs

The Red Pro is remarkable because it uses both red and infrared light therapy for the best results. This dynamic duo penetrates deeply into muscles and cells, accelerating recovery, reducing inflammation, and eliminating pain. With this product, you get the best of both worlds.

Red light (660 nanometers):

  • Relief from arthritis and chronic pain
  • Reduce inflammation and loose skin
  • Enhance stem cell regeneration
  • Accelerated healing from sports injuries
  • Relieve nerve pain and neuropathy

Infrared light (850 nanometers):

  • Soothe sore muscles and joints
  • Increase natural, cellular energy
  • Improve muscle health and athletic performance
  • Rapid post workout recovery
  • Advanced wound healing

How To Use

Using this product is effortless! Just follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Hold Red Pro over the area in need.
2. Select your preferred wavelength and therapy mode.
3. Let Red Pro work its healing magic as you continue with your day.

Are You Ready For Unrivaled Rejuvenation?

Get the Red Pro today and experience the power of Red Light Therapy.

Get Your Red Pro

Irradiance6 inches 93n mw/cm2, 4 inches 173 mw/cm2
Wavelength660nm / 850nm
Charge Time5 Hours
Size6 x 3.7 x 1.5 inches
Timer20 minutes
VoltageDC 5V 2A

5 reviews for Red Pro

  1. Marianne Greer

    I had been studying about the benefits of red light therapy for some time. This company came highly recommended to me so I decided to try the Red Pro. One of the benefits of the Red Pro is that you charge it and then it has a 2 hour use life. So you don’t have to be sitting next to a plug to use it!

    I had some questions about the product so I emailed them. Chris got right back to me! I was extremely impressed with the quality of their customer support. Absolutely a 5 star experience!

  2. Sandy Feld

    I listened to Trevor King’s webinar on Red light/Infrared Therapy and was very impressed with the health benefits that we spoken about. I have been using this Red Pro; a small hand-held unit, to help my tinnitus [ringing in ears] and to support eye health but I’ve also focused on my throat because after having Covid several years ago, it left my voice a bit raspy so I’m looking forward to seeing that improve. It’s a great little device and easy to use anywhere your body needs attention. Thanks Ultralux!

  3. Sherry Foth

    I have swollen arthritic joints, especially my fingers, but am still a very active 72 year old woman. Recently I had cut up 15 lbs. of pork fat so I could render some into lard, and by the time I was finished I felt like my wrist and fingers were also ‘finished’. I had gotten the Red Pro just a few weeks ago, and thought it might help so I did one 20 minute session of red light therapy on that wrist and fingers. I went through the rest of that day and the next without any of the usual pain and stiffness associated with overdoing something. Two days later I cut up another 8 lbs. and had NO stiffness and pain. Very interesting! This is motivating me to use the Red Pro a LOT more!

  4. christian fell

    Great device! Powerful to relieve pain and accelerate recovery time. Handy and portable. Only has a 1-2h battery life, and it doesn’t operate while attached to power cord.

  5. Eke Ibiam

    I’m a fan of UltraLux company products. I have purchased three products and am in the process of purchasing a fourth one just in the past nearly a year since I found out about UltraLux products! I have enjoyed using the products I bought from them. Their products are solidly designed and you can see the quality just by looking at them. The company has supported me any time I have issues with product use. The customer service is superb.

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