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Powerful and portable EMF protection — be protected wherever you go.

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Product Story

Good health enables freedom — freedom that’s required to enjoy life. It gives you the energy to accomplish goals and chase dreams. It provides the courage to try new experiences. And gives more time to spend with those you love. Health is everything. But what if modern devices were trying to take that away from you?

Introducing the most powerful and portable EMF-protection device. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before. Meet the Qi-Shield. With the constant swarm of electronic connectivity, EMF overexposure is threatening your health. With the Qi-Shield, that doesn’t have to be the case. The cutting-edge Qi-Shield uses proprietary technology that depolarizes EMF radiation. This unique process reduces harmful radiation without dramatically decreasing signal strength or device connectivity. With reduced EMF radiation exposure, you can avoid fatigue, brain fog, headaches, and other symptoms of electro-hypersensitivity. The Qi-Shield creates a protective sphere that is 16 feet by 16 feet in diameter (8-foot radius) — easily protecting you and your loved ones from overexposure to EMF radiation.

Qi-Shield Product Features

Advanced Waveguard Technology

There is no better choice for portable EMF protection. This product uses the cutting-edge Waveguard Technology — technology that reduces EMF exposure and has been proven through 25+ scientific studies. The Qi-Shield is always on and is constantly depolarizing radiation from all EMF-emitting devices, such as cellphones, laptops, smart watches, Bluetooth headphones, Wi-Fi routers, electric cars, and cell towers. It also reduces and protects against cellular networks, like 4G and 5G.

Decreases Symptoms of Electro-Hypersensitivity

Overexposure to EMF radiation has been linked to both minor and serious health issues. The Qi-Shield reduces EMF exposure, thus protecting you from the negative effects that can be caused by EMF overexposure. With the Qi-Shield, you can experience more energy, deeper and more restful sleep, better concentration, more peaceful relaxation, and less frequent, less intense headaches. The Qi-Shield can also help protect against more serious EMF-related health issues like tissue and DNA damage.

Portable Area of Protection

The Qi-Shield is the most versatile EMF-protection option because it’s effective when stationary and on the go. It creates a 16-foot diameter sphere of protection, which is perfect for protecting a bedroom, individual office, cubicle, small apartment, or car. This protective field depolarizes EMF radiation, thus protecting people, animals, and plants within the area. The Qi-Shield is roughly the size of a 16 oz. water bottle and fits in the average car cupholder. This device is also a great travel companion, as it is allowed on airplanes and protects you from the barrage of EMFs throughout airports and while in flight. With the Qi-Shield by your side, you can be confident that you’re protected from EMFs wherever you are.

Product Lifetime & Warranty

The Qi-Shield was designed to last at full efficiency for five years. After five years, the Qi-Shield will still work but will slowly begin to lose efficacy. To maximize the lifespan of the Qi-Shield, keep it over 10 inches away from large EMF-emitting devices. The Qi-Shield comes with a 1-year manufacturer defects warranty, and you can try it risk-free with our 90-day return policy.

Please take care not to drop this device. While the device is tough, it does contain internal glass components that can be broken if the device is dropped. If these components are broken, the device is no longer effective.

How It Works

The Qi-Shield depolarizes EMF radiation, which reduces excess EMFs and creates a biologically safe area. EMF depolarization is similar to light refracting through raindrops to create a rainbow. When strong, direct EMF signals hit the protective area produced by the Qi-Shield, they transition from a focused direct signal to a weak, dispersed wave.

How does this affect my Wi-Fi or cellular signal?

Cellular and Wi-Fi signals can be up to 11 times stronger than necessary. When introduced, the Qi-Shield protects your body by depolarizing and reducing this excess radiation. Because of the excess, it will not prohibit or decrease the effectiveness of your devices.

This depolarization is unique to the Qi Devices. Other brands either try to completely block EMFs, restricting the use of technology, or attempt to harmonize with EMFs. Depolarization is the only process that reduces EMF exposure and the negative side effects without removing technology. Qi Devices have shown their effectiveness in EMF reduction in both technical and biological studies.

All Qi Devices go through an activation process before they are shipped out. This proprietary activation process is one of the many unique features that allow the Qi-Shield to generate its protective field.

For more information regarding the Qi-Shield see our Qi-Shield Manual.

Product Weight1 lb. 15 oz.
Product Dimensions3 (diameter) × 7 in.
Box Weight2 lbs. 7 oz.
Box Dimensions8 ⅜ x 3 ½ x 4 ⅝ in.
Shipping Weight2 lbs. 12 oz.
Shipping Dimensions6 x 5 x 10 in.
Product Lifetime5 years
Product Warranty1-year manufacturer defects warranty
Protection AreaHorizontal: 8-ft. radius (16 x 16 ft.)
Protection AreaVertical: 6 ft. up, 6 ft. down
Protection FromWi-Fi, 4G, and 5G
Material of WoodWalnut - 100% real wood, natural cut
Material of MetalCopper or nickel-plated copper
Interior MaterialsCopper, gold, and silver wiring; glass; proprietary liquid
In the BoxQi-Shield, Read Me First flyer, microfiber cover

8 reviews for Qi-Shield®

  1. Joanie Rimbenieks

    After purchasing the Qi Shield I immediately noticed a difference in how I felt. It was like a calm came over me and my stress melted away. I slept deeper than I have for years and woke up feeling refreshed. It is a great comfort knowing that I am being protected from the harmful effects of EMFs. I love that I can easily keep it near me where ever I go. I highly recommend this device. It’s worth every penny I paid for it. Thank you Ultralux.

  2. Joan Rimbenieks

    Not only do I love our Qi Shield, I especially love the customer service. Chris went out of his way on several occasions to answer my questions and help me navigate the purchasing of it. He was insanely patient with me and so helpful, I can’t thank him enough. There was never any pressure to purchase but I did go ahead and order another Shield and the Home device. Can’t wait for that to arrive. Thank you Chris and Ultralux!

  3. Sherry Ward

    My husband drives a newer Dodge truck to work in the city- 2 hours back & forth with another hour or two while he’s there. With all the electronics and his cell phone going all day, he was coming home looking drained and tired. Now with the Qi Shield he no longer feels and looks drained when he comes home after 9 to 10 hours at work. We both can tell it helps a lot. When we drive our Lincoln Hybrid to the city an hour away I would be drained as well when we got back. having the Qi Shield in the car has totally helped keep our energy levels up while traveling in vehicles.

  4. Rose Klem

    The Qi Sheild has saved my life! I was experiencing atrial fluttering up to 160 beats per minute ever since the EMF’s were ramped up in July in my area. If I keep my shield within eight feet out and six feet up & down, my heart stays strong and I can be around a few cell phones, the computer modem and the EMF’s coming into my vehicle.
    I also sleep better! Thank you to Chris for the best customer service!
    I am very blessed to have found Untralux Health!

  5. Sandy Feld

    I loved the information shared on a webinar by Trevor King on EMF exposure from all our devices and appliances in our home. I purchased this Waveguard Qi device and instantly I slept better my first night and continue to sleep so much better since getting this. WOW!!! Sleep is so important because our brain detoxes all the toxins out of our body while we sleep so it’s imperative that we get proper sleep. I am very grateful for this device; it’s made a significant difference for me.

  6. Peggy Stacey

    I watched a great webinar! So informative— lead me to purchase this small unit. I can’t explain why, but within a short time of opening the box I immediately started to feel relaxed.

  7. Connie Larry

    The more I learn about 5G and EMF’s in general, the sadder and more shocked I become! The last straw was when I noticed EMF towers being put up continually in a park that is only half a block from my house!
    Around the holidays, I was fortunate to watch a webinar that talked about the Qi Shields made in Germany. I wanted to get the HOME sized unit, but opted for the INDIVIDUAL, room sized coverage model. I am so happy with this purchase. I am blessed to never have issues with sleeping, but my body seems to ‘know’ when I forget to carry the Qi device from the front of the house to the bedroom. Others have mentioned a calm and I say, kind of a hush surrounds your body! I do not need to worry about moving the Qi device from room to room anymore because I have just ordered the HOME sized device and am anxiously awaiting the delivery. And I couldn’t be happier! -Con Larry

  8. Lina Fava

    I watched a fabulous webinar last week with so much great information on the Qi devices. I already received my order today! Can’t wait to try the Qi products. I am hoping they will help me to not feel drained every time I spend a few hours working on computer.

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